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Hi, I’m Gary. When I’m not working with computers for a very large airplane company in Seattle, I like riding motorcycles, building and flying model airplanes, traveling, boating, spending time with my wife Vicki, and yes, taking pictures.

Like many people, I always kept a camera nearby to get shots of my kids as they were growing up or to take a picture of a vacation spot or special event. But the camera itself soon became a hobby, and the pictures became more important. It’s now turned into a bit of an obsession. After much persuasion by friends & family, I've decided to set up this site and offer some of my photography for sale.

I’m very uncomfortable calling myself an “artist”. I’m not a painter or a sculptor, I don’t feel like I actually create anything. The creations already exist all around us. It can be a sunset or a smile, a playful dog or a sleeping cat, a flower, a bird, a last-second goal or the determination of a racer. All I do is capture some of those images so we can enjoy them again later.

My favorite shots are the ones that catch a brief moment in time before it’s gone. You can watch a hummingbird fly around your garden, but in an instant he moves on. Keeping that scene to look at again is very rewarding.

If you'd like to talk about capturing your special occasion in photos, just shoot me an email at

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Just don’t call me an “artist”!

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